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The accuracy and quality of a Bill of Material affect the life cycle and reliability of the product. We can source your Bill of Material so that you don’t have to worry about checking and comparing with multiple sources. We work with all major global distributors like RS Components, Digikey, Mouser, Element 14, Arrow etc. so we can deliver reliability and traceability to your door. We can procure your components accurately if your Bill of Material has the following characteristics – Completeness, Consistency, and Correctness.

Please find a sample format here.

Item Quantity Reference Value PART Type PCB Footprint Manufacturer Part No Manfacturer Name Description
1 1 C1 0.1µF /275VAC CAP Polypropline th_10x0_7mm_c1 R46KF310040P0M KEMET 0.1µF Film Capacitor 275V 560V Polypropylene (PP), Metallized Radial 0.512" L x 0.236" W (13.00mm x 6.00mm)
2 2 C2,C3 4.7uF/400V CAP th_10x12_5mm_c2 UVC2G4R7MPD1TD NICHICON 4.7uF/400V TH electrolytic capacitoracitor, D”]L=8.0x13mm, 3.0mm lead spacing, 20%, vertically placed
3 1 C4 1000pF/1KV CAP c1206_c4 GRM31BR73A102KW01 MURATA ELECTRONICS 1000pF 1000V (1kV) Ceramic Capacitor X7R 1206 (3216 Metric) 0.126" L x 0.063" W (3.20mm x 1.60mm)
4 3 C6,C9,C15 0.1uF/50V CAP c0402_c5 GRM155R71H104KE14J MURATA ELECTRONICS 0.1µF 50V Ceramic Capacitor X7R 0402 (1005 Metric) 0.039" L x 0.020" W (1.00mm x 0.50mm)
5 1 C5 100uF/25V CAP th_11x6_3mm_c6 UHE1E101MED NICHICON THM electrolytic cap,100uF,25V,20%,RADIAL,Case size DxL=6.3mmx11mm, 2.5mm lead space

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